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*DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult a trusted medical advisor prior to using any mineral-based antiseptic product.

"Your products are very popular here, everyone is hooked on it. Results are amazing and great feedback on all products😊 Thank you for contributing to better life and healing."  - Nature Yoga, Studio City


"My friend's 90 YO Grandma has been going to the doctor every 2 months for expensive 'silver treatments' that actually made her ankle ulcer worse and take a really long time to get better." Blog post & photo LINK.

Eugenia R. 90 (AZ)


"After a few days of experiencing chronic pressure in my sinuses and headaches, I knew that a sinus infection was progressing. After using OPTI•MIST for 4 days (twice daily morning/night) I started feeling better! I am so relieved that I didn’t go straight for antibiotics. What a relief. Thank you OPTI•MIST!"

Cristina V. 30 (CA)


"My girlfriend and I have had great success with both the OPTI•MIST Gel and the sprays. Highly effective for wounds, burns, insect bites and topical infections. The mineral drops worked great for food poisoning and heartburn. We highly recommend all of these products."

Rick M. 72 (CA)


"I've been living with a chronic earache for about 2 years. After only two weeks of spraying MULTI•MIST into my ear once a day - well voila! No more earache. It's has been a lifestyle changer for me. Thank you, OPTI•MIST! "

Philip A. 62 (CA)


"I just got back from Europe with a wicked sore throat and raw sinus. Not sure what I got but it didn't last long. I sprayed my nose and throat a lot with OPTI•MIST since yesterday and it's made a HUGE difference. Sore throat almost completely gone and sinus back to normal.  Your product is the Real Deal!"

Shawn F. 57 (CA)


"I recently had corrective eye surgery. A small incision was made near my eye that required several stitches. I kept OPTI•MIST Gel on it the whole time and put OPTI•MIST Balm on top after it dried. The skin has healed without any noticeable scarring. I couldn't be happier." Blog post & photo LINK.

Mary D. 47 (CA)


"Every morning for nearly 30 years I wake up with a terribly runny nose. A box of tissue only lasts a few days, and I have tried many pharmaceutical and natural remedies. Only disappointments resulted until my daughter gave me OPTI•MIST! Twice daily, in less than a week my problems were over. It's such a blessing. Thank you."


"2 days ago I had a fever with body aches, a sore throat and then difficulty breathing. After using OPTI•MIST spray 5 times I have no more difficulty breathing or fever. Today only body aches persist."


"I've had a problem with nail fungus for years. I've tried lots of products and OPTI•MIST Gel is the only one that's worked so far, and I wear sandals a lot."

Blog post & photo LINK.

Betty M. 93 (CA)

Annabel K. 40 (CA)

Al L. 65 (CA)


"I've had a flakey scalp with receding hair for several years now. I changed shampoos and tried other natural products but nothing worked well and usually made my hair oily.  I'm so glad I found OPTI•MIST Anti-Dandruff spray. It's only been a few days and the flaking and itching has gone way, way down. I think this stuff is really working! I'm Optimistic. HaHa!"

Justin G. 31 (CA)


"I just want say that I have never been that amazed. I'm a dance teacher and spend most of my time in sweaty dance clothes. I am no stranger to yeast infection and your MULTI•MIST got rid of the my nightmare overnight! I used it every hour from the time I felt it until I went to bed and it was gone the next morning! Thank you!"

Sara B. 34 (CA)


"I got back from camping with a fungus on my fingers. Neosporin® made it way worse and it's greasy. The itching stopped immediately and it all started going away fast using OPTI•MIST Gel 3 or 4 times a day." Blog post & photo LINK

Jake C. 28 (CA)

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