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Experience the power of OPTI•MIST®, the revolutionary bio-friendly alternative to antibiotics, antihistamines,  steroids and decongestants. This simple mineralized water offers fast-acting relief without the unwanted side effects.


Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace this all-natural, travel-size solution for allergies, infections, and irritations.


OPTI•MIST® works synergistically with your body's natural defense mechanisms, bolstering your immune response and fortifying the frontline against harmful germs. Its unique formulation ensures effective results while maintaining complete body safety.*


Discover the Optimum Mist for Fast-Acting Relief - OPTI•MIST®. Embrace a healthier, more holistic approach to combatting ailments, without compromising on effectiveness or jeopardizing your well-being.


Note: *These statements have not been evaluated by regulatory authorities.


Q: Why is OPTI•MIST safer? A: If swallowed, OPTI•MIST passes through the body in the stool, along with other waste material, so there's no build-up in the body, or risk of Argyria. Grandma's Clear 'Colloidal' Silver (Ionic Silver Oxide), however, converts to silver chloride (AgCl) when exposed to hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The toxicity of Ionic Silver Oxide lies in the reaction with sulfur and selenium compounds already in the body to produce non-soluble particles that are larger than ions and become immobile inside healthy cells. Scanning electron microscope studies of Argyria victims show that the silver stuck in the skin is silver sulfide and silver selenide - resulting from ionic silver oxide, the 'clear' colloidal silver.


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OPTIMIST® - 2 oz.

  • SINUS: Remove the protective cap before inserting the spray tip. Sniff 1 - 2 pumps deeply and allow OPTI•MIST to remain for at least 15 seconds before blowing in a tissue. Repeat this proceedure as needed every 15 - 120 minutes at the first sign of symptoms and to address acute infection. Diminish use as symptoms subside. ADULTS: 2 - 4 Pumps.  CHILDREN: 1 - 2 Pumps.


    NOTICE : Spray may sting briefly when applied to raw, injured or infected membranes. This kind of discomfort usually passes within a few seconds. Please consult a physician if the desired results are not achieved. Discontinue use once symptoms subside.



    EAR: 2 - 3 sprays in each ear, hold for  at least 30 seconds once daily to help sooth symptoms. 

    THROAT: 2 - 4 sprays on the accected area every 15 mins to help sooth symptoms.

    EYE RINSE:  1 - 2 sprays 1 - 6 times a day to help sooth injury or infection.


    The EPA Daily Oral Silver Reference Dose (CASRN 7440-22-4 RfD 14mcg/kg/day) applied to OPTI•MIST®, one may ingest 160,965 servings safely over 70 years.


    Ingredients: Distilled Water, Dextrose, Sodium Carbonate, Ag 0.001%.


Documented the safest and most effective form of silver known to science - where use is rapidly expanding in the medical & dental industries due to its remarkable antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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