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What About Ulcers ?

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Wonderful news arrived this morning from Tucson, AZ. Our customer there wanted to share some feedback from her friend's mom's experience with OPTI•GEL. And this is what she had to say;

"This is my friends mom - she’s 90 years old and has been suffering with ulcers for a couple years now. She started using OPTI•GEL beginning in March - the 'after' photo is from this week.

They would go to the doc and open up the scab every 2 months and inject silver but then they would have to wait another two months for it to close up - and go back to the doctor, open the scab again, inject the silver etc... this process over and over again with no healing - until I gave her the Gel.

She used the Gel every morning and evening, so 2x a day, normal amount of gel. But they were consistent with it. So it healed in 3 months and they still have half an inch of the bottle left.

And other members of the fam have used that same bottle for cold sores or rashes!

They called their doctor today and told them they will no longer be taking their mom in to treat her ulcers.

My friend and all her sisters are literally saying thank you very single time and they are so happy their mom has relief. 🙏"

Please tell Mom and her family WE are also so happy she found relief ! 👏😇

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