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What About Dandruff... ?

Yet another miserable condition that many of us suffer from in silence. Something we're working hard to change for the better. Did you know that most common dandruff conditions are caused by a yeastlike fungus called Malassezia ? It feeds on the oils produced on the scalp. Not unlike a type of seborrheic dermatitis, that is also most often caused by the Malassezia strain.

To help this problem, OPTI•MIST Scalp Relief Spray could possibly be the solution we've all been looking for. It's unscented, leaves Zero Residue, and plays very well with hair products as long as it's applied first.

OPTI•MIST Scalp Relief Spray can also help with irritated, inflamed or injured scalp conditions that are often associated with hair dyes, bleaches, and other chemical treatments, as well as hair styling devices such as scissors and curling irons.

OPTI•MIST Scalp Relief Spray can also be sprayed inside hats to keep yeastlike overgrowth to a minimum. Because cultivating relief Head 2 Toe is what we're all about.

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