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Before / After Since 03/20 ;

Since it's nearly impossible to get before and after photos of sinus issues, humanity will have to rely primarily on description. Since that's the case, it's so nice to receive a description of relief from a problem that was entirely un-photographable !

"The nasal spray has been wonderful for allergies, dry throats, itchy eyes, itchy ears. I keep one by my bed and one on my office desk. If I feel a tickle or a scratch in my throat, I use it and it seems to help. I will also add that I had COVID earlier this year. Unlike most people describe, I had very mild cough and cold symptoms that lasted only for a few days. I used your spray religiously during that time to try and flush things out and feel like it helped. Asides from Covid, I also have not had a single cough or cold since using your spray and my allergy symptoms seem to go away much quicker. Thank you for making a great product! " Aissa J

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