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Immune Support for Pets.

Tested on Humans.

Green Eyed Cat
OPTIPET Drops_2.jpg

OPTI•PET Eye + Ear Drops offer the best natural resistance. #TearStains #YeastieEars #PetSinus


Organic plants and minerals to help Pets resist bacteria, yeast & mold.

All-natural LickSafe alternatives to medicated compounds.

OPTIPET Nose Paw Balm

OPTI•PET Best organic resistance and accelerated healing for Noses, Pads & Skin. Rapid results for topical symptoms, and wound management. #Rashes #Wounds


Dog Walker
Wild Icelandic Horses
OPTIPET Antiseptic Spray-1_edited.jpg

OPTI•PET Antiseptic Spray offers the best organic resistance for all furry friends.

#BeardStains #PetEyesEarsNose

OPTIPET_HotSpot Gel.jpg

OPTI•PET HotSpot Gel

offers rapid, non-toxic,

soothing organic relief. #HotSpots #wounds 

Dog Walker at the Park
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