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Cooling Relief and Antiseptic Aid - our innovative water-based spray gel is specially crafted to provide soothing relief and antiseptic support for a wide range of topical symptoms. This unique non-medicated solution is the ultimate ally against sunburn, rashes, and wounds. Harnessing the power of organic ingredients, it promotes natural healing and alleviates the discomfort of burning skin, without relying on aloe vera.*


AFTER SUN + Gel offers mild hydration, leaving your skin feeling perfectly balanced and revitalized once it dries. For an extra boost of moisture, we recommend trying our indulgent butter-based Balm, crafted from organic ingredients.


Note: *These statements have not been evaluated by regulatory authorities.


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    For best results, pump After Sun+ directly on the affected area, then spread evenly to ensure thorough coverage. Allow AS + to air dry. Mist clean water, or our ANTISEPTIC Spray, to help increase the cooling, anti-inflammatory properties and extend the cool drying period as it dries. Repeat this procedure as many times as needed to help extinguish discomfort. Re-apply after bathing or swimming for continued support.



    Apply a consistent layer of AFTER SUN Gel on breakouts and allow it to air dry. Re-apply as needed on stubborn areas and after bathing or cleansing. For oily and mixed skin, AFTER SUN Gel may help your skin find its perfect balance. Use only when sympotoms are present.



    AFTER SUN +  can be used to clean and disinfect abrasions and other topical injuries, including ulcers, rashes and insect bites. For weeping wounds, continue with AS+ as needed to assist in drying and closing the rupture by applying an even layer several times daily and allowing it to dry naturally. Once the wound is closed, proceed with our butter-based Balm to continue with antimicrobial assistance with butter-based moisture.


    INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Org. Lavender Hydrosol, Org. Coconut Glycerine, Bentonite Clay, HEC, Dextrose, Sodium Carbonate, Ag 0.0005%.


Documented the safest and most effective form of silver known to science - where use is rapidly expanding in the medical & dental industries due to its remarkable antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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